Let's watch the sun set
Let's watch the world end,
Silent night
Through your eyes
Black and white sight,
The fireworks will be muted
And the stars will be rubbed out,
No commotion
Just a slow motion
Long kiss goodbye


I don't want to have to miss you,
The memories won't be enough
And my memory is bad
Rough around all the edges
So maybe in time I'll remember your brown eyes
As blue,
Swimming pools
And I can't swim good


I give him the time of day and
He makes all days look like night, Dark
A shade away from midnight
A mark away from bruised,
He is the dimmest brightest light
The coldest warmest air
That I both inhale and exhale
I hate and I love him
And it hurts all the same


We move lightly,
Slightly edging towards the edge,
One pill apiece etched to the tip of our tongues
Swallow on the count of ten,
Follow that look in your eyes as
They roll to the back of your head
And I see you as though you are see-through,
There's acid dissolving down your throat
Nonchalance in your heart
And a fire in your belly
Swelling like a bruise
Consuming you, consuming me
Mostly me,
We move lightly
Silently we explode


When it breaks it sounds like dust
Silver notes settling,
It's more beautiful shattered
than whole,
And bruises are just scattered patterns
that fade
And grow old
She can't be told.


I feel so cheated out of knowing you
Knowing me
And knowing nothing first hand
Just second hand passed down,
Over time what's mine becomes blurred
And I don't know what's real to me
Or a cut out figurine
Of imagination